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Paragon provide a wide range of process maintenance services to keep your processing facility in top shape.

General Cleaning

Paragon supply individuals or teams of in-house cleaner operators on short or long term based contracts.

From general day to day house keeping to a deep clean in preparation for audits, fumigation, customer visits etc. we are equipped to cover all levels of your plant hygiene control.

All of our cleaner operators have a minimum training and understanding of food safe principles and safe work practices and have their own food safe uniforms and PPE.

Our operators can assist in developing a plant cleaning schedule or can work to site instructions.

Paragon have an extensive range of  Industrial Vacuum Systems including our Big Brute System which can move large volumes of grain and powders quickly and conveniently.

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Height Access Cleaning

Paragon can provide skilled and licenced operators to inspect and clean high and hard to access areas.

These may include roof and ceiling beams, tall machines and bins or any other area where a fall risk is present and specialised equipment and licencing is required.

Our trained operators are skilled and licenced in the safe use of access equipment and working at heights gear. All are proficient in risk analysis and preparation of relevant documentation prior to works.

Paragon can provide all types of access equipment for the job, including Scissor Lifts, Boom/Knuckle Lifts and our Food Site Specific Scaffolding Towers that are only used in Hygienically Clean Areas.

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Handling Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance

Our service provides for Handling Equipment Strip Down and Cleaning.

This would include access to Screw and Drag Conveyors, Elevators and Dischargers for the purpose of cleaning and inspection, in particular dead spots and infestation harbourages that are not easily accessible.

Our operators are trained to identify faults, wear and damage and can report or repair as required.

Dependent on the specific environment, controlled compressed air, high pressure water or general cleaning implements are used.

As required, risk analysis, isolation, relevant documentation and final reports will be provided.


Filter Service

Paragon have trained operators who are familiar with all types and models of dust filtration systems.

Our services include:

  • filter cleaning or replacement,
  • full inspection of all
  • components,
  • checking and repair of filter purging system.

Where access to the filter is required, our operators are fully licensed to the relevant level for safe Confined Space Entry and monitoring. This includes Risk Analysis and Document Preparation as required.

All of our filter work comes with a completion report and recommendations.

Paragon can source all types and makes of Filters and Components.